The Programs

With ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute, you will have access to the resources and programs that will provide you with the necessary tools to start and run your youth-based business, develop your leadership abilities and expand your mindset in order to thrive in a fast-changing world.

Online Programs
ExCEL Core Entrepreneurship
An online home study course consisting of  6 Modules using videos and workbook assignments to deliver comprehensive entrepreneurial development tools.

ExCEL Core Development
Online home study course consisting of 7 Modules and 21 Lesson using videos, mp3s and workbook assignments to deliver personal development tools.

ExCEL with Gabrielle
Access empowering interviews with young trailblazers and industry leaders inspiring you to ExCEL beyond your expectations.

Youth Workshops 
Live workshops and trainings for youth groups, foundations and educational events. Sample topics include: 
 • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Developing The                          Mindset For Success
 • Leadership: Empowering The Next Generation                  Of Leaders 
 • Millennials and Generation Z: Decoding the                      Millennial Mindset

ExCEL Youth Mastermind
An exclusive 6-week youth only online mastermind program for kids ages 10-15.

The Blog

You have free access to  articles on youth  entrepreneurship, leadership, personal development and family balance.

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