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A holistic approach to youth development, involving a series of programs and instructional sessions with Teen Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker, Gabrielle Jordan and her mom and business partner, Marcella Mollon-Williams. Grow with them as they deliver strategies for youth and parents alike to develop a mindset for personal, leadership and entrepreneurial success through videos, mp3s, community discussion groups, access to personal sessions with Gabrielle and Marcella, and other tools and resources that you can use to help transform your mindset and be empowered to take action.
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It may take a village to raise a child. But, it takes a village that ExCELs to raise a young leader. Be a part of our Members Only Facebook Community.
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Receive inspiration, motivation and insight from Gabrielle, Marcella and guest with our weekly Video Series, ExCEL with Gabrielle. 
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We understand that half the battle to pursuing and successfully achieving your goals, at any age, is lack of access to support, resources and mentors. At EXCEL, you no longer have to wonder WHO, WHAT, or HOW by yourself. Members have ACCESS to our incredible community of experts and go-getters, along with exclusive resources to get you from point A to point B and Beyond.


The world is full of negative-nellies, bullies and dream killers. With all the negative peer pressure attacking youth today, kids and teens need a place where they can recharge and be free to dream big without hearing "That's Stupid!". At ExCEL, no dream is too big, no idea is too small. 


The dynamics of the kidpreneur/parent relationship are different than most. For youth, balancing the role of young CEO and kid can be challenging. For parents, being in charge of the household while allowing your young entrepreneur to be in charge of his/her business requires careful consideration. ExCEL will provide you with the insights desired to help you create balance and the accountability needed to grow.
"I learned so much and met so many like minded youth! Gabrielle Jordan is a wonderful mentor and great coach!!!"
Aniyah Burke
Aniyah In Action (teen entrepreneur)
"Thank you Gabrielle .The past 6 weeks has done so much for my kids and their mindset around business! We truly appreciate you guys doing this AMAZING program!"
Olivia West
Mom Manager, Champions of Change
"[Marcella] Thank you for the example that you set and for freely sharing your experiences with me. You have helped me to walk in and transition with confidence to "momager"! You've helped me to recognize my purpose in this exciting season of our lives!"
Andrea Harrison
Mom Manager, Photos with Madison

"It's been excellent watching Terise learn from Gabrielle Jordan, now officially her mentor! AND...after just learning about Elevator Pitches....She came in 2nd!!!!"
Cheryl Smith
Mom Manager, This Is Terise

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Retrieve the resources and tools you need for Young Trailblazers and Parents in one central location. With your ExCEL Member Dashboard, you will have instant access to the Video Archives, Resource Library, Chat Rooms, Webinar Portal, Core Development and more.

Entire Video Archives

Access over one hundred episodes of our ExCEL with Gabrielle Video Series in your Membership Dashboard. 
Young Trailblazers: View all episodes of Advice from Gabrielle, Interviews with Young Trailblazers and Interviews with Industry Leaders.
Parent: Get access to insights from Marcella with episodes of the Parent Edition.

ExCEL Resource Library

Receive access to Business eGuides, Templates and Online Tools. New resources are added regularly.
Young Trailblazers: You will learn and position yourself to grow with the help of these resources.
Parent: Save time and reduce stress with the resources you need to help your young trailblazer expand their brand.

Live Video Chat Rooms

Young Trailblazers: In our private youth chat rooms, connect with Gabrielle LIVE bi-weekly and ask questions, leave comments and connect with other dynamic youth. 
Parents: Have access to a private parent chat room to connect LIVE with Marcella and discuss topics relevant to you. 

Webinars Series

Beginning one month into your membership, the monthly webinar series provides you with practical insight in topics relating to entrepreneurship, leadership and personal growth for Young Trailblazers and Parents. Topics include, youth branding, social media, time management, homeschooling and more... 

First Access, Discounts & Special Invitations

Throughout the year, there are opportunities to attend LIVE events and connect in-person with the ExCEL Community. These opportunities are often exclusive to ExCEL members. In addition, ExCEL members receive discounts and first access to select programs and products.  

Monthly 1-on-1 Calls

Young Trailblazers: Having someone you can call on to help keep you accountable can make all the difference in the world. 
You will have access to a 1-on-1 call with Gabrielle each month where she will answer questions, address concerns and help keep you accountable (one 30 minute call per month).
ExCEL Core Development Program

The ExCEL Core Development Program is a personal development home study course including 7 Modules that will help young trailblazers develop core interpersonal and leadership skills, allowing them to thrive in any environment. Each module/lesson comes with discussion videos from Gabrielle, workbook assignments and a mp3 audio file for each workbook lesson. You will receive a new lesson every 3 days.

Preview Module 3: Lesson 1
Preview Module 7: Lesson 1

"While going through this wonderful [course] I learned one of the best lessons of my entire life. I've always struggled with a habit; something I've tried to stop countless times, but I couldn't.I've stopped for hours or few days, only to go back to it whenever the person I'm accountable to is not around. Your [course] has taught me that that is not how to use discipline, that I have to be accountable for myself. I have to be able to say "no" or "yes" and stick to it, whether the person is around or not because that's what real discipline is.Thanks for this life-changing lesson. I've now made my OWN decision to stop the habit, and I intend to stand by it, come rain, come sunshine. Your [course] is a great gift to the world."


Module 1: Mindset

  • Introduction 
  • Lesson 1 - Maintain Balance 
  • Lesson 2 - Positive vs. Negative 
  • Lesson 3 - Your Mindset Effects Your Life 

Module 2: Self Awareness

  • Introduction 
  • Lesson 1 - Don’t Lie To Yourself!
  • Lesson 2 - Self Control
  • Lesson 3 - Who Can Help You Know You?

Module 3: Confidence

  • Introduction  
  • Lesson 1 - Know Your Worth 
  • Lesson 2 - Don’t Let Them Devalue You 
  • Lesson 3 - Confidence vs. Ego 

Module 4: Low Expectations

  • Introduction 
  • Lesson 1 - Prepare For The Worst
  • Lesson 2 - Low Expectations vs. Negative Mindset          
  • Lesson 3 - Alter Your Perspective Of Reality

Module 5: Keep Your Opinions To Yourself            

  • Introduction 
  • Lesson 1 - Don't Gossip
  • Lesson 2 - Does Your Opinion Matter?
  • Lesson 3 - Don't Be A Troll

Module 7: Discipline

  • Introduction 
  • Lesson 1 - Develop Focus
  • Lesson 2 - Time Management
  • Lesson 3 - Practice Patience

Module 6: Communication

  • Introduction 
  • Lesson 1 - Listen & Learn
  • Lesson 2 - What Do You Have To Say?
  • Lesson 3 - Resolving Conflict
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  •               Special Invitation To LIVE Events                sponsored by ExCEL 
  • Webinar Series
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  • The Making Of A Young Entrepreneur Book
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Calls with Gabrielle for Youth* 
 *Parents interested in 1-on-1 Calls with Marcella may contact us to schedule a free consultation.
It's Time To #ExCELBeyond

About Gabrielle Jordan

Entrepreneur, Author, and Co-Founder, ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute
At 16 years old, Gabrielle Jordan has made a great deal of accomplishments, yet she knows that those accomplishments are only the beginning of her quest to leave a global impact in business and youth development. With a list of recognitions under her belt, Gabrielle is creating tidal waves with her creativity and thought-provoking messages. Described as inspirational, impactful and impressionable, Gabrielle desires to help her peers reach there full potential by expanding their mindset through entrepreneurial, leadership and personal development.
Gabrielle's impact has been recognized by many including:

    • TEDx RockCreekPark
    • The Root 2016 Young Futurists
    • 2015 Black Girls Rock M.A.D. Girl 
    • INC. 5 Entrepreneurial Kids Who Basically Won the Internet in 2015
    • 2014 McDonald’s 365Black Community Choice Award

About Marcella Mollon-Williams

Entrepreneur, Momager and Co-Founder, ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute
As a 5th generation business owner, Marcella Mollon-Williams has a passion for both entrepreneurship and educating individuals with the knowledge to create a legacy of financial security from one generation to the next. Her legacy of entrepreneurship is evident in her family through her support and partnership with Gabrielle and her work as a wealth strategist and co-founder of Legacy Builder Group. Marcella has received numerous awards and recognition in the financial industry, business and parenting community. She has made numerous appearances on radio and blogs discussing her insights on family, finance and business.
Is this a program for parents or kids?
Both! The membership programs are designed to support both child and parent, alike. Both have resources available to them.
Can I end my membership at any time?
Yes. You are not locked in to any contract. You may upgrade your membership, downgrade your membership or cancel at any time. However, you will no longer have access to the member dashboard or any of the available resources once membership is cancelled.
Do kids become successful entrepreneurs by joining ExCEL?
Nope! Kids (anyone for that matter) reach their desired goals through commitment, diligence, support and action!
What is the LIVE Virtual Conference?
In Spring of 2017, ExCEL will host an online conference featuring some of the best subject matter experts in business, personal development and leadership. Pro and Premium members will have free access.
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