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Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

ExCEL Honors Awards Gala & Fundraiser
Friday, June 21, 2019 | 6pm - 10pm
University of Maryland, College Park
Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
The ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute® and Sound of Nations presents an evening of inspiration for the entire family honoring outstanding young leaders ages 18 & under and the individuals and organizations that support them. This red carpet event will attract over 200 entrepreneurs, community leaders and youth trailblazers for an enchanting evening with celebrity guests, delicious cuisine and so much more.

The First Annual ExCEL Honors will encourage young potential by exposing them to positive peer examples and provide youth and parents with an opportunity to connect with potential mentors. In addition, your contribution will allow us to continue providing free and affordable educational programs for youth in under served communities. 

You can expect an evening of Networking, Food, a Trailblazer Chat, Awards Presentation, Dancing and more.

The Washington Informer
By Brigette Squire   Vol. 54, No.39   July 11 - 17, 2019
Youth honorees from across the nation are presented with awards by Gabrielle Jordan at the ExCEL Honors 2019 gala and fundraiser on June 21. 
The Baltimore Times
By Andrea Blackstone    Vol. 33, No.40    August 2 - 8, 2019
Nonprofit Recognizes Young Entrepreneurs, Advocates, Change-Makers, Trailblazers  
Marcella Mollon-Williams and her daughter, Gabrielle Jordan, are the founders of the ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute. Mollon-Williams is a fifth generation business owner who helped to create a platform for young trailblazers and their supportive parents, to connect, learn and grow through the village of entrepreneurship. Jordan, now 18, is the owner of an upscale jewelry company called Jewelz of Jordan. 

Master of Ceremony - Jessob Reisbeck 

Anchor, WJLA7 Good Morning Washington


Celebrity DJ


Arianna Fox
Red Carpet Hostess


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ExCEL Honors Begins In
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Created by mother/daughter duo, Gabrielle Jordan and Marcella Mollon-Williams, the ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute™ is a youth-based mentoring organization providing mentorship opportunities and educational resources to develop creativity, interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, and entrepreneurial mindsets; equipping the next generation of change agents. Click here to learn more

The ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute is a division of Sound of Nations, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.
About The Founders
Gabrielle Jordan and Marcella Mollon-Williams

"I never intended to raise a young entrepreneur," says Marcella Mollon-Williams, co-founder of the ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute. "My goal was to raise leaders that would leave a positive impact on society. Entrepreneurship came naturally once leadership was established." As a fifth generation business owner, Marcella's legacy of entrepreneurship is evident in her daughter, Gabrielle Jordan.

Gabrielle, now 18, is the owner of Jewelz of Jordan, an upscale jewelry company which she started at age 9. However, her passion for business did not stop there. Gabrielle has taken her experience in business and her passion for inspiring others to publish the #1 Amazon Bestselling book, The Making of a Young Entrepreneur: A Kids Guide to Developing the Mind-Set for Success which launched her platform as a sought-after speaker with accomplishments such as TEDx and keynoting events and conferences internationally.

Based on their desire to expose young people to the possibility of entrepreneurship and expand their mindset, Gabrielle and Marcella sought out to create a platform for young trailblazers and their supportive parents to connect, learn and grow through the power of "the village".
Consider Making A Tax-Deductible Donation To Support This Fundraiser!
The ExCEL Honorees
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Youth Advocate Award
Youth Change Maker Award
Youth Leadership Award
Youth Author Award
Youth Entrepreneur Award
Parent Manager Award
Youth Organization Award
The ExCEL Finalist
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Youth Change Maker Finalists
Youth Leadership Finalists
Darius Brown
Saniyya Hunt
Trident Nottingham
Naomi G. Jones
Youth Author Finalists
Youth Entrepreneur Finalists
Jakayla M. Green
Madison McIntyre
Collin, Ryan, and Austin Gill
Alejandra Stack
Parent Manager Finalists
                                             Tamell Green
      Arkeria S. Wright
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