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Here at ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute, we are all about helping to facilitate connection and collaborations as well as promote unity and growth in the community. This is why we created a the ExCEL Youth Mentoring Community — a way to learn and connect with other youth entrepreneurs, youth social leaders, supportive parents and youth-based community leaders who will demonstrate the power and passion for youth excellence, both online and offline.

You’ll have an opportunity to interact with other ExCEL Community Members in a safe, fun, and supportive environment and get feedback from your peers on some of the challenges you’re facing in your journey to be more effective and impactful in the marketplace… much like having a virtual mastermind group!

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"This is a great group! It encourages me to continue helping my daughter develop and grow into what she’s meant to do.” ~ Robin Strempek
“It is so very refreshing to be a part of this prestigious group! I spent some time reading through the posts and comments and unlike many places on FB, I found nothing but proud parents, confident kids and a supportive community!”  ~Andrea Harrison
“This group gets it. Family and friends didn’t/don’t understand why we do what we do. We’re blessed to find parents that understand and that are so supportive of each other.”  ~LaVanya Watkins
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