Choose from a selection of inspirational books written by youth for youth.  

Champions of Change: Princess for A Day

Jordan West

Paperback  $10.00

Champions of Change: Book Creation Station

Jeremiah & Joshua West 

Paperback  $13.00

Daddy's Girl

Jakayla M. Green

Paperback  $10.00

Amazing Mushroom Farm

Te'Lario Watkins II

Paperback  $9.99

The Adventures of FireMan

Miguel Coppedge

Paperback  $16.95

The Adventures of FireMan: The Case of the Stinger

Miguel Coppedge

Paperback  $16.95

Friendly Officers

Miguel Coppedge

Paperback  $10.95

The Win Within

Christon The Truth" Jones

Paperback  $12.95

6th Grade Middle School Chronicles

Essynce E. Moore

Paperback  $7.99

7th Grade Middle School Chronicles

Essynce E. Moore

Paperback  $12.50

8th Grade Middle School Chronicles

Essynce E. Moore

Paperback  $13.00

Tag, You're It! Zombie Tag

Connor Benjamin Littlejohn

Paperback  $11.99

Curly Girls Love Your Curls

Lexi P

Paperback  $12.00

The Little Book of Youth Tips

Jayana Wood

Paperback  $15.00

Tyler Goes Around the World

Tyler Stallings with Andrea Blackstone 

Paperback  $17.99

Mikey Learns About Business 

Mikey Wren

Paperback  $12.99
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