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To cultivate the seeds of leadership and entrepreneurship in today's youth in order to prepare them to become global trailblazers.

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The ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute®  is a youth-based online mentoring organization providing mentorship opportunities and educational resources for entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development. Our holistic approach to youth development provides educational opportunities for both children and parents to learn and grow together while also, development relationships with a community of like-minded supporters. Our mission is to empower our youth to become global trailblazers by equipping families with the resources and support to run a business, lead a cause and impact the world.

ExCEL began in 2016 in Prince George's County, Maryland, as the brainchild of teenpreneur/momager team, Gabrielle Jordan and Marcella Mollon-Williams. Based on their desire to expose young people to the possibility of entrepreneurship and expand their mindset, Gabrielle and Marcella sought out to create a platform for young trailblazers and their supportive parents to connect, learn and grow through the power of "the village". Today, the ExCEL online platform reaches families throughout the world with members across the United States, The Caribbean, South American, Africa and Europe. ExCEL currently offers online programs suitable for individual home study and group collaborations.     

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"I never intended to raise a young entrepreneur" says Marcella Mollon-Williams, co-founder of the ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute. "My goal was to raise leaders that would leave a positive impact on society. Entrepreneurship came naturally once leadership was established." As a fifth generation business owner, Marcella's legacy of entrepreneurship is evident in her daughter, Gabrielle Jordan.

Gabrielle, now 18, is the owner of Jewelz of Jordan, an upscale jewelry company which she started at age 9. However, her passion for business did not stop there. Gabrielle has taken her experience in business and her passion for inspiring others to publish the #1 Amazon Bestselling book, The Making of a Young Entrepreneur: A Kids Guide to Developing the Mind-Set for Success which launched her platform as a sought-after speaker with accomplishments such as TEDx and keynoting events and conferences around the world.   

Gabrielle and Marcella's experience as a kidpreneur/momager team has allowed them to develop an in depth understanding of the intricate details involved in starting, managing and growing a youth-owned business. 

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